I'm Melissa, Brazilian photographer who has one foot in the U.S. and a heart that travels around the world. My photograph is my logbook.

Daughter of a Brazilian mother and an American father, Melissa was born in Jaguarão (RS-Brazil) and has lived in Aracaju (SE-Brazil) since childhood. Following her nomadic nature, she went to study in Barcelona in 2007 and found her place in the world: in the street with the camera in her hand. She then graduated in basic photography from the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC) and held several courses in the area, including Professional Photography by the New York Institute of Photography (distance education). Back in Brazil, she traveled the Northeast working as a photographer in projects focused on local culture and got completely involved with documentary and cultural photography. Her photographs have circulated in individual and collective exhibitions in various Brazilian states and in countries such as Spain, Austria and Iran. Her greatest desire is that her photographs continue to travel and conquer the world, just as she so much likes to do. ***Profile picture by Alê Alcântara.